Snowy Range Music Festival’s future in Laramie uncertain

Sep 6, 2013

The Snowy Range Music Festival organizers are considering moving the festival to another city after low local ticket sales.

Credit Carl Weathersby /

While sales for the fifth annual festival were up from last year,  festival director Carl Gustafson says they were still lower than expected. While he would prefer to keep the show in Laramie, he’s not sure if that will be possible.   

“I’d love to give it to the community, but my investors are saying, ‘If the community doesn’t want it, then let’s take it to a community that does.’ So, we get one more year; we’ll see what happens. If we can get 3300 sales, it’s going to stay here, if we don’t, well,” Gustafson mused, “I guess I’ll be renting an apartment in Boulder the next summer.”

Gustafson is a Laramie native, and he hopes that an increase in community support along with word of mouth endorsements will bring more music lovers to next year’s event.