Sen. Enzi Drafts Bill To Define Wind River Reservation Border

Apr 2, 2014

As Wyoming’s appeal to an Environmental Protection Agency decision about the Wind River Indian Reservation’s borders waits for its day in court, U.S. Senators Enzi and Barrasso have drafted a bill “to clarify” those borders.

Last year’s EPA decision drew the Wind River’s boundaries to include thousands of acres that the state has long considered non-tribal land. The state reacted quickly in opposition to the EPA’s determination, but the tribes rejoiced, saying it was just recognition of what they’ve long held to be true. A state bill trying to define the borders failed in the last legislative session. Now, Enzi is attempting a federal bill. He worked with Governor Matt Mead’s office on the bill. The legislation defines the reservation size as the smaller parcel of land drawn by a 1905 treaty. The Northern Arapaho Tribe, in a statement, said in drafting this bill Enzi has turned his back on his tribal constituents. The legislation has not yet been introduced.