Revisting The Lincoln Highway's Mid-Century Roadside Gems

Dec 20, 2013

I just saw and heard Wyoming come alive along the roadway. Producer Erin Dorbin
Springs Motel, Rock Springs WY
Credit Erin Dorbin

We'd say, 'I wonder what's in that teepee? What's it like?' And then one day my girlfriend says 'My boss says there's a teepee for sale.' The minute I saw it, I took advantage and bought it. Teepee Owner Lawrence Anaya

The Teepee, Egbert WY
Credit Erin Dorbin

Number one, I had to get rid of hundreds of cockroaches. I mean, it was infested. Patch was my first exterminator and he was half crazy because he wouldn't put on no mask or nothin'. I tell you, they were coming out the light plugs, they were coming out the ceilings, people's toasters. So we fogged it. Wyoming Motel Owner Dieter Coletti

I've been here maybe 20 years. I enjoy it here. I like the people. I mean, it's like a little community by itself. Wyoming Motel Resident Victor Pisano

Wyoming Motel, Cheyenne WY
Credit Erin Dorbin

I started feeding [the birds] last winter 'cause it was cold, and now they figure, 'Hell, that guy can feed us when it's hot, too.' I don't know how you get rid of 'em. They're like people. Springs Motel Owner Norman Gillespie

Postcard of the Springs Motel, Rock Springs WY
I've got memories flooding back! Holy cow! This is awesome, this is awesome. When I was here a long time ago you had a jukebox where you'd actually let us bring some of the 45s and play them, and it was just a great place to hang out. Rock n Rye Club Patron Bill Schreiber
Bill Schreiber outside Pete's Roc n Rye Club, Evanston WY
Credit Erin Dorbin