Review blames fracking for water contamination in Pavillion

May 1, 2012

A new independent review of the E-P-A study on hydraulic fracturing in Pavillion confirms the link between water contamination and fracking. The review was requested by a conglomerate of environmental groups.

One of the criticisms of the E-P-A study was that it was poorly conducted science, and therefore, put forth unreliable conclusions. But the hydrologic consultant who did the review, Tom Myers, says the E-P-A did goodwork.

"The EPA did a good job utilizing the data that they had available to them and utilizing the information that they had. I mean, they should keep studying, it and become firmer with the results, but one cannot say it is not sound science, because I certainly think it is."

Myers cited the area’s unique geology, inappropriate well designs, and inadequate well construction as causes for the contamination. He concluded, in words stronger than the EPA’s, that there could be no other source for the contamination in Pavillion’s wells other than fracking.