Microsoft Plans Expansion For Cheyenne Data Center

Apr 25, 2014

Microsoft plans to expand its data center operations in Wyoming. Microsoft opened a data center outside of Cheyenne last year…and this spring plans to grow it with a $274 million addition. Governor Matt Mead met the news with excitement. He says he’s made growing the Wyoming technology sector a priority and sees the expansion as a good sign.

“When you have Microsoft coming in the first place it is huge. But probably even a bigger story is they’ve only been here a short period of time and they’re already doubling their investment. It shows not only did they make the right choice in the first place but things have worked out so well that what we represented Wyoming could present to a company like Microsoft was not only true, it was true to the fullest extent,” says Mead.  

The total investment by Microsoft will be nearly $500 million. The first stage of the new data canter is estimated to come online in the summer of 2015.