Making Math More Relevant

May 2, 2017

Credit Tennessee Watson

Wyoming’s K-12 math standards are up for review, and the Wyoming Department of Education is hosting regional meetings to get community input. You don’t need to be a math wiz to weigh in.

Each meeting will begin with a presentation covering how the review process works and will go over the goals and objectives of the standards. And then participants will be asked to respond to a couple of basic questions about why math standards are important, and what the math standards review committee should know as they start the process.

Kari Eakins, from the Department of Education, said it has been helpful when business and industry leaders step up to help identify the gaps they see in math proficiency. “The standards review process is one more opportunity for people, such as small business owners to say, hey I am trying to hire kids from my community and they can’t do the math I need them to do for this job.”

Eakins added part of standards review is making sure math is relevant and engaging. “We want our schools to work hand in hand with their communities, and be a big part of their community, and part of that is making sure that instruction that takes place in those classrooms is right in line with the priorities of the community.”

The meetings will take place in Powell, Casper, Rock Springs, and Cheyenne on May 2 - 9.

For those unable to attend there are ways to participate online. More information about how to participant here