LCSD#1 Superintendent Says There's No Ban On Pride Flags

Apr 19, 2019


Parents in Cheyenne told Wyoming Public Radio they heard from school administrators, and through their children that rainbow flags -- a symbol of LGBTQ pride and inclusion -- were being banned in Laramie County School District #1.

Superintendent Boyd Brown said that's not true and he's looking into how that information was delivered to students and parents. One parent said she heard about the ban directly from her kid's elementary school principal.

Brown clarified that there is no ban on rainbow flags or other symbols associated with LGBTQ pride.

"As long as it's not a disruption to the education process we are good with anything," said Brown. "Although we have made a stand on swastikas and Confederate flags...they are not going to be allowed at schools."

Brown said determining when flags or symbols are disruptive is handled on a case by case basis, but there's no intention to punish kids for wearing or displaying Pride accessories.

Brown added there was an incident this week at McCormick Junior High where students were waiving both Confederate flags and pride flags that prompted the administration to ask both groups to put the flags away.

"We have no desire to ban rainbow flags or any of those things," said Brown. "It felt like we weren't establishing consequences for anyone the other day. Just asking them to cooperate so that we didn't have a situation that disrupted the school."

Gay Straight Alliance students at McCormick Junior High said they've felt targeted by the school's administration. Brown said that was not the intent, and he wants students to feel safe and welcomed at school.

He said he knows the community is frustrated and that they want clear answers. Brown added that the appearance of racist and homophobic posters in the hallways of McCormick Junior High last month is still under investigation. After the investigation, Brown said there's some work to do to rebuild trust within the district.