July 3rd, 2015

Attorney Steven Fischer began practicing law in North Dakota's Bakken oilfield after recognizing the huge demand for legal services.
Credit Emily Guerin

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INSIDE ENERGY: Wyoming Wind Gridlock


Wyoming has some of the most powerful wind in the country. So, earlier this month, a massive wind farm got the green light from the state. If the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project gets federal approval, it will become the largest in the country. But who’s buying all that wind power? Right now there is no way to get it out of Wyoming, to the other states that really need it. For Inside Energy, Leigh Paterson reports on why transmission gridlocks are keeping Wyoming wind at bay.

In Wyoming, End Of Life Care Often Means Leaving Home

If you receive hospice end of life care in the United States it probably comes to you. Nationally about 60% of hospice care is administered at the patient’s home, or in a nursing home. Only about 7% receive care in a facility designed specifically for hospice patients. But in Wyoming, that number is closer to 30%--and its growing.

Legislators Say Religion Does Play A Role In Their Work

From time to time there are political issues that lead to questions about how much of impact religion has on the Wyoming legislature. The state is heavily dominated by Republicans and many outsiders figure that makes Wyoming’s politicians religiously conservative too. But while many lawmakers say their value systems were influenced by their religious beliefs. How they vote tends to depend on the issue. 

INSIDE ENERGY: North Dakota Oilfields: One Place Without Enough Lawyers

Steve Fischer finished law school in Ohio in 2010 — one of the worst years to graduate in recent memory. Less than 70 percent of law school grads who passed the bar in Ohio that year landed a job as an attorney. 

New Studies Look At How Ravens Affect Sage Grouse Nest Success

When people think of ravens, they often think Edgar Allen Poe. But talk to a sage grouse ecologist and it’s a different story. In the last 50 years, as energy development has moved in, raven numbers have skyrocketed, by some estimates 20 percent. 

Federal Dollars No Longer On The Lunch Menu In Some Wyoming Schools

Two years ago, the federal government put strict new guidelines in place for school lunches to get kids eating healthier. Since then, about one million students have left the program nationwide. Many students are simply brown-bagging it— dissatisfied with what their cafeteria serves under the new standards. Others attend a small but growing number of schools who are ditching the federal program—and its dollars—altogether. There are 7 such schools in Wyoming. Wyoming Public Radio’s Aaron Schrank paid one of them a visit to see how it’s working out.

Linguist Takes Thor's Hammer To Crusty Translations Of Viking Poetry

A new translation is making old Viking poems accessible to general readers. The stories of gods and heroes were written down in 13th century Iceland. But for translator Jackson Crawford—who lives in Riverton—the existing English translations of the Poetic Eddawere just hard to read.