Jalan Crossland And Shaun Kelly On Morning Music

Jun 19, 2014

Credit Jalan Crossland

Join Grady Kirkpatrick on Morning Music Friday, June 20, at 11:15am for a conversation with Wyoming troubadour Jalan Crossland and bass player/vocalist Shaun Kelly. They'll play selections from and talk about the Jalan Crossland new release "No Cause For Despair", his seventh album. 

The album features 11 new compositions and it marks his return to the studio with his band mates along with a few guest instrumental specialists.  Original drummer and percussionist Pat Madsen rejoins the trio (he first played on "Trailer Park Fire & Other Tragedies" in 2007), and longtime sideman/bassist/collaborator Shaun Kelley contributed production and arrangement skills, as well as strings and vocals. 

This is the third album that Jalan has recorded at Thunderground Sound Studios in Laramie (recording engineer Dan Tinker - mixing engineer James Stevens - mastering engineer Jim Wilson).  Crossland recently completed a solo tour through the Midwest where he made debut appearances at the 4th annual John Hartford Memorial Festival and wrapped up the tour at the UnVarnished Music Festival in southwest Minnesota.

The new album will first be available on his website and at his show at The Alibi Pub in Laramie on June 20.