Hill Bill Fix Dies In The House

Mar 4, 2014

The Wyoming House of Representatives will not debate a bill that was supposed to resolve issues arising from a Supreme Court ruling concerning the duties of Superintendent Cindy Hill.

Credit Cindy Hill Superintendent

House Floor Leader Kermit Brown decided to let the bill die, saying it was premature and would take too long to debate. 

"The courts are not done with the process, the audit's not done, there are a lot of things not done.  The bill's premature and it was gonna take a lot of time we didn't have, so I just stopped where I stopped."

The legislature is scheduled to wrap up this week. 

Senators had said last week that they hoped to craft a solution without further court input, but Brown does not think that is doable.

"I believe that the court system is too hard to predict and it's too hard to run a preemptive strike against it.  To try to moot everything that the court's involved in is difficult business."

Brown said if the legislature needs to take action or call a special session that can be done without the legislation.