Harry Jackson Institute Receives Gift Of Artwork From Family

Jun 1, 2018

Two Champs, Painted. Harry Jackson.
Credit Harry Jackson Trust

On June 1, over 5,000 works of art by Harry Jackson will be handed over from the family trust to the Harry Jackson Institute. Harry Jackson is best known for his western art, but he also was part of the abstract expressionism movement, among the likes of Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell.

Harry Jackson founded the institute in 2001. Its goal is to preserve his work, life story and educate the public, but before now it didn’t have any of his work. Matt Jackson, Harry’s son, oversees the family trust. He said this really changes how these works are going to be handled.

“They will be managed to be kept together in the future, and that isn't the goal of the family trust so we’re happy they are going to be preserved,” said Jackson.  

He said after working with the institute, the trust is handing over a collection that truly represents Jackson’s collective work.

“But even before he got any instruction of how to be an artist, his mother saved all his child work that he did as well. So we have a collection of his works that go from childhood days right up till the last works of art he completed during his life,” said Jackson.   

The gift also includes a complete collection of sculptures. Matt Jackson said now these works can travel around the world and educate the public about his father. For now, the collection will stay in Harry Jackson’s studio in Cody.