Gun Free Zones Bill Is Defeated In Committee

Jan 23, 2019

Credit Bob Beck / Wyoming Public Radio

Cheyenne Senator Anthony Bouchard said gun free zones create confusion for those with concealed carry permits about where they can legally take their weapons. He added that those with concealed carry permits could help keep members of the public safe.

A number of people told the committee that they feared for the safety of their children if the bill passed. Teton County School Board Member Janine Bay Teske said a concealed carry permit doesn't mean that a person can protect anyone.

"What it took me was 12 hours of attending a hunter safety course, where all the guns were dummy guns, I had to pass the test, I had to pass a background test and similar tests you mention Senator. I do not know how to shoot a gun. I have a concealed carry permit. That threshold is really, really low," Teske said.

The bill was defeated by a three to two vote.