Gillette College Considering Offering 4-Year Degrees

Jul 19, 2016

The front entrance of Gillette College

Gillette College officials are considering offering 4-year bachelor's degrees and master’s degrees programs in the upcoming future.

A task force formed by the Energy Capital Economic Development corporation will hire a consultant to see what funds are needed expand programs and enhanced degrees.

“A higher level educational institution brings a lot in the form of a community, in the form of a stabilized workforce, and offerings when things are down,” Energy Capital Economic Development CEO Phil Christopherson said. “One of the people on the committee said you never see a poor college town. And that’s because of the stabilizing effect that an institution of higher education brings.”

Christopherson said the committee most likely plans to model what Casper College has done. Casper College currently offers 30 bachelor’s and graduate degree programs from partnerships with different universities.

He says the task force plans to hire a consultant by mid-August and that they hope to have more specifics on what new degrees could be offered and how they could be funded in the fall.