Conference To Address Health Care Costs For Employers

Jul 7, 2015

Credit Wyoming Business Coalition On Health

An upcoming conference in Casper aims to address the high cost of health care for employers. “Victim to Victor – Taking Control of Your Healthcare Spending” is sponsored by the Wyoming Business Coalition on Health, and intends to educate businesses on how they can more efficiently manage health care costs.

Anne Ladd is the CEO of the coalition. She says the conference will elaborate on tools employees can use to make the most of their health care plans. It will also clarify for employers what drives health care costs.

"You may think that what’s driving my healthcare costs is cancer and therefore I should do prevention. But you may find out what’s really driving your health care cost is that people are skipping going to the primary care provider and are going straight to specialty care," she says.

The conference is open to both businesses and health care providers, and takes place at the Parkway Plaza July 14th.