Computer Science Education Supported By House And Senate

Feb 28, 2018


If the Wyoming Department of Education has its way, kids across the state will be guaranteed access to computer science education. Bills have passed in both the House and Senate, which would require districts to offer computer science courses.


But those bills differ slightly. Dicky Shanor, Chief of Staff for the Wyoming Department of Education, said the Senate’s version of the bill is stronger because it treats computer science has a stand-alone knowledge area, where as the House places it under career and technical education.


“We are very pleased that both houses have included computer science in the common core of knowledge,” said Shanor. “And we are optimistic now going into perhaps a conference committee that both sides will keep it in the common core of knowledge.”


The inclusion of computer science in what’s also called the basket of goods will be implemented over the next five years. Megan Degenfelder, Chief Policy Director for the WDE, said students will be able to apply computer science courses towards graduation requirements in math or science.