Cody Senator Hank Coe Dies Of Cancer

Jan 21, 2021

Hank Coe

Longtime State Sen. Hank Coe has died of cancer. Coe first represented Cody In the State Senate in 1989 and played a big role in issues surrounding economic development, air service and education.

He retired from the Senate last year. Former Riverton Sen. Eli Bebout was a close friend of Coe's and served with him for over 30 years.​

"He loved Wyoming, he worked hard for his constituency, he worked hard for the state, just a great American and quite a loss," said Bebout. "Not just from that perspective in politics, but he and I were friends back to college. What a great friend and I'm gonna miss him."

Bebout added that Coe was also well respected on the senate floor.

"People turned and listened because he usually had a lot to say and had a way of saying it. He understood the issues and he was what everybody should try to be in terms of public service," Bebout said.

Coe was Senate President in 2001 and 2002 and prior to serving in the legislature he was a Park County Commissioner for eight years. Current commissioners and other dignitaries honored him this week and a Hank Coe day has been planned for April. He was 74.