Bill Contests The Parental Rights Of Sexual Assault Perpetrators

Feb 5, 2019

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Wyoming is one of just five states without laws pertaining to the parental rights of perpetrators of sexual assault. House Bill 107 would change that.

Between 17,000 and 32,000 rape-related pregnancies occur each year in the U.S., according to research from the National Council for State Legislatures. Most states have laws that either terminate or restrict the parental rights of perpetrators.

Aimee Kidd said as the mother of a child conceived in rape, she'll continue to feel unsafe until Wyoming addresses this issue. Without a law, she said, her rapist has rights to her child.

"Everyday I live in fear that he might knock on the door one day and demand his rights," said Kidd. "I can't explain how terrifying that feeling is. It really is a nightmare living in that reality every day."

The bill was approved by the House during initial debate and will be debated two more times.