Banff Mountain Film Fest World Tour Comes To Laramie's Gryphon Theatre

Feb 13, 2015

For sixteen years, the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s World Tour has made a yearly stop in Laramie. This is the first year it will be screened at the Gryphon Theater.

The festival features 20 films shown over two days. Films focus on outdoor recreation, adventure, and environmental issues, says Dan McCoy, one of the event organizers.

“So we’re going to show films that are more high-adrenaline – films about kayaking, about rock-climbing, [and] about adventure.”

MCoy is the director of the University of Wyoming Outdoor Program, one of the event sponsors. Each year, it’s up to the local sponsors to select which films will be screened. Of the numerous possible films, McCoy says this year’s films were chosen specifically for the Laramie audience.

“This is a really great celebration for the community to come together to celebrate great films and the mountain culture and the place that we’re in that allows us to pursue so many wonderful outdoor recreation opportunities.”

This is also the first year that the event is ticketed. However, McCoy says unlike most Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour screenings, tickets for the Laramie screenings are free. The films will be shown Wednesday, February 18 and Thursday, February 19.