Archives On The Air 173: Raising The Alarm About Nazi Germany—Gregor Ziemer Papers

Dec 11, 2019

Portrait of Gregor Ziemer, ca. 1920s-1950s. Box 1, Gregor Ziemer papers.
Credit American Heritage Center

Foreign correspondents were the first to raise the alarm about Hitler's Germany. They witnessed the violence first hand. One of these reporters was Gregor Ziemer. While in Germany he interviewed Hitler and probed the Hitler Youth program.

Ziemer and his family fled back to the US in 1939. Once home he worked to educate the American public about the treatment of Jewish people by the Nazis.

Ziemer wrote of returning to America, "I wanted to come back home where a knock at the door at 6 a.m. means the milkman. In Germany it is a favorite time for the Gestapo."

At age 12 his daughter wrote a book about her experience in a German school. She wrote about how the government enforced nationalist policies and censorship.

Explore more of an American in Nazi Germany in the Gregor Ziemer papers at UW's American Heritage Center.