Arapahoe School Superintendent leaves after pivotal school year

May 17, 2013

The once-faltering Fremont School District 38 in Arapahoe turned a complete 180 since Superintendent Jonathan Braack took the helm in January 2012.

During Jonathan Braack’s time as superintendent of Fremont School District 38, the Arapahoe School met federal education standards for the first time. Braack Arapahoe this week to become Niobrara County’s School Superintendent. Chantell Denson will take over as superintendent of Fremont #38.
Credit Rebecca Martinez

Last fall, the Arapahoe School met No Child Left Behind’s requirements for Annual Yearly Progress for the first time under the Safe Harbor program, and frequent local assessments have shown steady improvement in math and reading. District 38 serves primarily Northern Arapahoe students with high rates of poverty, but Braack says poverty has little to do with the efficacy of education. He says aligning the curriculum and frequently and consistently testing the students has made the difference. 

Jonathan Braack left with Fremont 38 on Tuesday to become superintendent of Niobrara County School District. Assistant Superintent Chantell Denson is now acting Superintendent… and she’ll take over the job officially in July. Braack says she’s an excellent choice to fill the position. Denson says she’ll do everything she can to keep the school district on the right track.