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Net Metering Bill Moves Forward

pagaling via Pixabay

The state Senate Corporations Committee approved a bill that would reform the net metering system for those who use renewable energy to reduce their electricity rates. The vote comes despite opposition from those saying the change would reduce the incentive to install solar.

A big part of the issue surrounds those who get compensated for the extra power they generate. Supporters of a net metering change say the current mechanism is causing solar consumers to not pay their fair share of fixed utility costs.

The committee heard testimony that keeping the system as is could lead to higher rates for those who get electricity from power companies. The legislation would leave it up to the Wyoming Public Service commission to reform the system. Wyoming consumer advocate Bryce Freeman told the committee that he supports that approach.

"I think it makes sense to have that sort of determination made in a forum where you can have experts, putting on expert evidence, before an expert panel, to come up with something that's well vetted that we can be sure is fair to all parties," he said

The committee gave the PSC additional time to try and find a solution and implement the new system in 2022. The bill now heads to the full Senate for debate.

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