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A Pound Of Marijuana Edibles Could Be A Felony


How many marijuana edibles will put you in a Wyoming prison? Lawmakers meeting in Cody Wednesday answered that question. 

The Joint Judiciary Interim Committee is trying to address the popular use of edible marijuana and how much of it qualifies for a felony. They worked on a bill specifying the weight for the prosecution of edibles containing marijuana. This includes chocolate bars, cookies, and even gummy bears.

The President of the Wyoming Association of Chiefs of Police Shane Johnson told them edibles can be dangerous.

Johnson said, “If you eat what they may recommend as a dosage: one eighth of the cookie and you don’t feel something right away, the tendency is to eat more of that. Well, pretty soon you have taken eight doses of it.”

Which is what happened to a College student from Powell, who died after eating a marijuana cookie in Denver.

Bennett Sondeno of Wyoming NORML, said legalization is the way to go.

He testified, “You can take a look at an actual peer-reviewed article about decreased teen use in medical marijuana states.”

The committee decided that a pound of edible marijuana should trigger a felony charge. The bill will be considered by the full legislature in February. 

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