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House Approves Controversial Religious Rights Bill


The Wyoming House of Representatives gave final approval to a bill that is intended to force people from doing things that are against their religious beliefs. 

The House made an amendment to make it clear that the bill does not apply to government employees. For instance, if they oppose something like same sex marriage, a government employee must still issue a license. 

But Laramie Democrat Cathy Connolly says it still allows discrimination by businesses. Connolly is Wyoming’s only openly gay legislator and in an emotional speech she said it could allow a photographer to refuse to take her picture because she is gay.

“To not see me hold hands with my family and take my picture or to allow me to buy a cake, because of a morally held religious view. That is unacceptable in America… that is unacceptable.”

Sponsor Nathan Winters of Thermopolis denies that the legislation promotes discrimination.  The bill passed 36 to 23 and goes to the Senate.

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