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Red states and blue states are drifting further apart, ideologically. Rural youth are migrating faster and faster to urban centers. Small town newspapers and radio stations are going silent. Families can't even carry on a respectful conversation at the 4th of July potluck! Never has it been more important for the media to step forward and moderate conversations across divides.

Former Maine Senator Olympia Snowe On Bipartisanship And Civil Discourse

Wikimedia Commons

In today’s political climate it can be difficult to even talk to a neighbor or a friend about contentious issues, not to mention trying to work across the aisle within Congress. Former Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe has built a career on bipartisanship and now serves on the board of directors for the Bipartisan Policy Center.

On Monday she will be speaking at the Leap Into Leadership Conference in Cheyenne. As part of our series on civil discourse “I Respectfully Disagree,” she joined Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard to talk a little about building bridges.

Listen to part 1 of the series, "I Respectfully Disagree."

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