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Great Lakes Airlines Ends Service

Wikimedia commons

The City of Cheyenne is suddenly without air service after the surprise announcement that Great Lakes Airlines is immediately suspending air service. Great Lakes announced that is ending service in the five states that it serves.  

Cheyenne Mayor Marion Orr said the airline Co-Founder Doug Voss failed to notify the city directly.

I found out about it on Facebook and called the Airport Director Tim Barth who was also in as much shock as I was. He had also just really heard about it as well and he had actually, according to him had meetings with Mr. Voss last week and there was no indication that this was coming.”

Orr said Great Lakes had already reduced its service and so the community has been in negotiations with several airlines, but she said it will likely require a financial guarantee. 

“I will certainly be willing to look at it and pencil it out and ideally what I’d like to see happen is a service that really pays for itself, but in order to jump start it it’s going to take a public and private partnership by all means.”

Orr said she hopes to find a new carrier by November. 

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