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Green River Will Return Train Depot Funds To State

Jasperdo via Flickr Creative Commons

Green River will return $1 million it got from the state to renovate its historic Union Pacific train depot.

The community received a $1 million grant through the Wyoming Business Council, but those funds were contingent upon the city raising the other $2 million needed to complete the project.

The Business Council denied a two-year extension to come up with the funds. Green River City Councilwoman Lisa Mays says they had little choice but to give the money back.

“The fact of the matter is that we would have to raise $1.7 million within the next year and half or two years,” Mayes said. “And we don’t see where that money would come from. So we have to be honest and say, hey, we don’t think we can do this.”

The city had already received a one-year extension.

Mays says the city hopes to use sales tax revenue to renovate the depot sometime in the future.

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