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Wyoming Ranked Most Expensive State To Own A Car

Wikipedia Commons

A new survey by Bankrate.com ranks Wyoming as the most expensive state in which to own a car. The survey calculated the cost of gasoline, insurance, and repairs to come up with the rankings.

According to the survey, Wyomingites typically spend about $2700 a year on expenses related to their car, with about $1600 of that going to gas – the most of any state. The wide distances between communities in Wyoming, as well as the many opportunities for hiking, camping, and activities outside city limits increases gas consumption.

Kaelyn Kelly, a representative of AAA Mountain West, said there are a few things you can do to save money on gas and repairs, like getting rid of excess weight in your trunk, braking more slowly, and making sure you’re up to date on vehicle maintenance.

“You can catch like, a minor thing that might turn into a major much more expensive problem. It’s always better to get those small items taken care of. Maybe it’s just fixing a hose before it turns into a full blown replacement for your whole radiator,” said Kelly.

Despite the costs, Kelly said driving is part of what makes Wyomingites so connected to the land.

“We get to see some of the most breathtaking scenery when we get out and drive in our cars. We get to see these things every day that people that live in cities who live in more urban areas don’t necessarily get to see. And I think that that is what makes living out here so special,” she said.

It’s about $800 cheaper to own a car in the lowest ranked state, Iowa.

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