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Yellowstone Denies Super Volcano Rumors

A video of bison running down a road in Yellowstone sparked viral internet rumors this week that the park's super volcano is about to explode. The rumors gained so much traction that Yellowstone officials felt the need to respond. Spokesman Al Nash says all is well, and that the animals were simply migrating.

“We do have bison, elk and other animals that have moved outside the park recently.  But they are doing that because it is the depth of winter, food is a little hard to find in places inside Yellowstone and they tend to migrate at this time of winter, outside the park to lower elevations where they think there might be something to eat that is easier to get at.”

Nash says there was a recent earthquake inside the park, but he says they are a common occurrence.  He added that there is no evidence that the volcano is about to erupt.

Check out the video here.

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