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Shoshoni resident sues for excessive use of force by police officers

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A legally blind man from Shoshoni says two local police officers used excessive force on him when they came to his home to investigate complaints about his cats.

L.J. Faith has filed a Federal lawsuit against Police Chief Andy Rodriguez and Officer G. Cruche. The officers Tasered and arrested Faith after he used strong language telling them to leave his property.

Faith’s lawyer, Charles Pelkey, says the officers arrested Faith without probable cause.

“It’s a big deal,” Pelkey says. “Our client’s constitutional rights were violated. He was arrested, he was assaulted, and he was taken to jail and he suffered injuries from being Tased.” 

Chief Rodriguez also accidentally Tasered himself and his partner during the incident.

All charges against Faith were dropped.

Shoshoni authorities could not be reached for comment.

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