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Liz Cheney meets the media, formally announces her run for the US Senate

Bob Beck
Wyoming Public Radio

Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President and Wyoming Congressman Dick Cheney, formally announced her candidacy for the U-S Senate during press conferences in Casper and Cheyenne.  Cheney will face off against incumbent Mike Enzi in next summer’s Republican primary. 

During a news conference Cheney attacked President Obama and what she called his liberal agenda.  She complained that too many Republicans have compromised with Democrats.


“We’ve got a President who has laid out an agenda that is directly at odds with where most Wyomingites, where most people across the nation with common sense know where the country should be going.  So I think the key is to know when to compromise and when not to.  You know the last rule in the Cowboy, in the code of the west… The Cowboy code of ethics is to know when to draw the line.”

Many have questioned why Cheney is running against Enzi, who is viewed as very popular in the state.  When asked about that Cheney ignored the question to again focus on her own issues.

“If we don’t stand up and take a stand now, if we don’t defend conservative values and if we don’t defend our freedoms and our values here in Wyoming, we are going to end up in a situation that I think frankly could lead to a state or nation we don’t recognize.”

Later Cheney vaguely referred to Enzi when she says things have not been good during the last 18 years, roughly the amount of time that he’s been in office.  Enzi is known for working across the aisle.  But Cheney said instead of compromising she wants to fight.

“You know right now what I see out of Washington is a lot of going along to get along.  And it seems to me that we simply cannot afford to go down that path any longer.  We’ve got to stand and fight. We have to defend what we believe in, we have to not be afraid to be called obstructionists.”

Cheney said she got into the race because of some personal concerns about where the country and state are heading. 

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