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Native American Lawmaker is hoping to get more tribal members engaged in politics


A State Representative who represents the Wind River Reservation says it’s essential that Native Americans hold office and articulate their points of view to the rest of the state.  That’s why Representative Patrick Goggles has been working to get more young people interested in politics. 

“We are in that process of encouraging many young folks to endeavor into the arena of politics.  Our motto is that if you don’t articulate the politics of your community, someone will for you.”

Goggles says that includes local politics as well.  He says the lawsuit that added someone from the Wind River Reservation to the Fremont County Board of County Commissioners is paying off.

“That’s a bridge that gaffs the cultural differences in Fremont County between the native and non-native, the city and rural, and people of different political affiliations.”

Goggles says it leads to a better understanding of issues throughout the county.  He adds that his own election to the state legislature has helped other lawmakers understand the concerns of people on the reservation.

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