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Wyoming's population growth 2000-2010 is 11th in nation


A University of Wyoming study found that Wyoming’s population grew by 14.1% from 2000 to 2010. That makes the state 11th in the nation for population growth. Tex Taylor, who co-authored the study, says Wyoming’s energy boom brought people to the state.

“There’s two types of ways a population grows, they either grow through natural increase, more births than deaths, or through net immigration. And I think in the rapidly growing counties I think it’s net immigration of people moving in and taking advantage of employment opportunities, particularly in Wyoming perhaps when it was doing a little better than other parts of the country and it’s attractive in terms of attracting employers.” 

Counties with energy development had the highest increases - Sublette County led with a 73% population surge. The study will be used to identify growth issues and planning needs.

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