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Governor Mead will let science and testing guide them on Pavillion


Last week, the U-S Geological Survey released testing it did on water wells near the town of Pavillion.

Governor Matt Mead says the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality is still reviewing the data and he’s not prepared to comment until he reads their analysis.  The Environmental Protection Agency did follow-up testing as well and should release those results soon. 

Earlier the E-P-A suggested fracking may have contaminated area water wells.  The Governor says if it turns out that the E-P-A results are confirmed, the state will address it.              

"In the event that they go through this and say on these two or three point  EPA may have had it right.  Then I think we have to figure out as a state, what do we in the future to avoid that? And the current fracturing rules that we have… would that have prevented whatever that was in the future?  And that may be the case." 

In other words,  Mead says the state may have already come up with a way to prevent this type of thing in the future. 

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