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State forester urges residents to prevent property damage by fires

Although localities have implemented fire restrictions in many parts of the state, the Wyoming State Forestry Division is encouraging residents to protect their homes by creating “defensible space” around them. That means keeping flammable materials away from house so wildfires will be easier to fight if their move into residential areas.

Wildfires in Colorado have destroyed more than 200 homes. While Wyoming fires have caused less property damage, State Forester Bill Crapser says fire season is young, and fires aren’t picky about where they spread.

“The bottom line is everybody that lives in the rural part of the state should think about it,” Crapser says. “I think a lot of us who live more on the prairie think, ‘well this won’t happen to me.’”

Crapser says people can create “defensible space” around their homes by mowing their grass, keeping lawn watered, trimming back trees and storing firewood away from the house. Crapser says residents can call their county fire district or the State Forestry Division for more personalized advice.

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