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Grizzly killed in Grand Teton National Park

Wikimedia Commons

A young Grizzly Bear and a mother antelope were killed Thursday in Grand Teton National Park on Highway 89, the park’s main road.

The grizzly was killed when one car swerved to avoid another car and rolled, hitting and killing the bear that was by the side of the road. The driver was treated for minor injuries at Saint John’s Hospital in Jackson. Another car hit an antelope near Gros Ventre Junction, and failed to report the collision. Park spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs says, drivers need to be extra aware when driving in the park.

 “Be a defensive driver when you’re in Grand Teton National Park, realize that other people may be distracted, and also always slow down, be attuned to the fact that wildlife might run across the road,” Skaggs says.

Skaggs says drivers should be particularly cautious in times of low light, like dawn and dusk. She adds that if you hit an animal in the park, you are required to report it.

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