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House Introduces Bill To Require Drug Testing For Public Assistance Recipients

The Wyoming house voted to introduce a bill that would require people applying for public assistance to submit to drug testing. If an applicant tests positive for controlled substances, his or her eligibility would be suspended.
Republican Sue Wallis of Recluse supported the bill. She says drug testing is a normal part of many jobs, so it’s fair to require it of people receiving state support.
“I mean, you know I’m all about liberty and freedom,” says Wallis. “But if you’re using taxpayer dollars, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest that maybe you need to submit to those drug tests.”
Democrat Joe Barbuto of Rock Springs voted against the bill. He says in a budget session, the state has bigger fish to fry.
“I just don’t think its a necessity for Wyoming right now,” says Barubuto. “And, considering the big budget bill we’re looking at, considering the redistricting issues we still have to contend with, I’m not sure that this is how we want to spend our resources.”
The bill has been referred to the Labor Health and Social Services committee.

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