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Open Season Starts For Proposed Pipeline

Stephanie Joyce
Stephanie Joyce

There's a new pipeline project proposed from North Dakota to Oklahoma that would run through Wyoming. On Friday, Enterprise Product Partners LLC announced an "open season" for the Bakken-to-Cushing pipeline. Open seasons are a way to gauge interest and demand for a pipeline.

If built, the line would run from the Williston Basin in North Dakota, and would pass through oil plays in Eastern Wyoming and Northern Colorado. The line would end in the Cushing hub in Oklahoma, where oil is priced.

Brian Jeffries, executive director of the Wyoming Pipeline Authority, said it probably won’t impact the price of oil nationally.

"But it does improve the value of oil from the places like Wyoming or North Dakota or Colorado that would be along the pathway," he said.

Jeffries said if the pipeline does have enough customers to move forward, it would indicate continued strong oil production in the state.

"There are other expansion projects that are just sort of winding up actually that pass through Wyoming. This may be an indication that there is yet enough additional oil production believed to be out there to support yet another project," he said.

The Bakken-to-Cushing pipeline would join a grid of existing pipelines crisscrossing these states. The pipeline’s binding open commitment period will end October 17th.

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