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Wyoming Energy Program Wins National Award

Jeremy Buckingham via Flickr

A Wyoming program that incentivizes businesses’ use of green energy has won a national innovation award.

The Wyoming Renewable Energy Credit program was named the 2014 Economic Development Award Recipient by Business Facilities Magazine, a national publication on business expansion.

The initiative is a partnership between the Powder River Energy Corporation and the Wyoming Business Council. It offers a discount on energy costs for Wyoming businesses interested in using green power.

"Typically when we are speaking with companies what they are interested in Wyoming is our low cost environment and lack of regulation--the things we all talk about," said Wyoming Business Council's Brandon Marshall. " But increasingly one of the things people are looking for is green. it is has their business operates, the core value of their companies.”

Marshall says he hopes the program will continue, but its growth is dependent on whether Powder River Energy wants to continue offering the discounts.

The first business to purchase the renewable energy credits was a data center in Cheyenne.

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