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Senator Simpson Speaks Out On Deficit

Former U-S Senator Alan Simpson is in Washington D-C speaking to members of Congress about his concerns surrounding the deficit. 

He told Congressional leaders that America cannot go off the fiscal cliff.

“Well it will be a disaster because the markets will then respond and those are the people that loaned us the money and they will say we can see you are dysfunctional you’ve proven that you couldn’t do a lick to sustain the solvency of the Social Security System.”

Simpson continues to be discouraged by partisan behavior by members of Congress as they try and reach a compromise.  Simpson said he was blunt in his conversations.   

“Your allegiance now is to the country it’s not to your party, do something for America be a citizen a participating citizen instead of some selfish guy or zealot who places party above America.”

Simpson still remains hopeful that Congress will take meaningful action.

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