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UW Student Government Dedicates $75,000 To Aid Students Through COVID Closures


University of Wyoming students who find themselves on hard times in the coming weeks might have money available to them through the student government.

UW extended its spring break by an extra week, giving instructors time to plan online course delivery, which it later announced, would be required.

While some might appreciate extra time away from class, the unexpected break from normalcy could present a real hardship for many students.

ASUW, the university's student government, voted Thursday to devote $75,000 to helping students in the coming weeks.

President Jason Wilkins says it's the student government's job to serve students.

"In times like this, I think there's no better way we could really be helpful," he said. "And really we just want to do whatever we can to help students, because we recognize it's kind of a time of limbo for a lot of people and not everyone can afford to just sit around and wait for other answers."

A quieter campus and self-quarantine procedures can cut working students off from the paychecks they need to make rent and cover other expenses.

The funding could go to international students unable to travel, students who work on campus, or any other student in need.

"We didn't ask students to tell us exactly why you need it because that's not really important," Wilkins said. "What's important is making sure students have any sort of financial help they can get."

Students will be assisted on a first-come, first-serve basis - and that assistance is capped at $300 per student. The money comes from ASUW's own funding, which is supported by student fees.

Students seeking funds should email sschaef@uwyo.edu for further instructions.

Have a question about this story? Contact the reporter, Jeff Victor, at jvictor@uwyo.edu.

Jeff is a part-time reporter for Wyoming Public Media, as well as the owner and editor of the Laramie Reporter, a free online news source providing in-depth and investigative coverage of local events and trends.

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