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Best of Wyoming

Wyoming Public Media 2015 Photo Contest Winners


Wyoming Through Listeners’ Eyes! 

Congratulations to this year’s Wyoming Public Media Photo Contest winners!

We were lucky to receive over a hundred and fifty photo entries from all over Wyoming. The winners were chosen by listeners who voted for their favorite in each category, Wyoming’s Nature,  Wyoming's People, and Only in Wyoming. We have posted the Top four winners in each category below.


Credit Gabriel Adams
Milky Way. Frye Lake Summer

Gabriel started taking photos about two years ago when he purchased a film camera at a garage sale in Lander, where he grew up and currently resides. He bought a digital camera this spring and brings it everywhere. He enjoys camping and the outdoors where most of his pictures are taken. He believes that Wyoming is a beautiful place and should be enjoyed as well as captured through photography. 


Credit Tonia Dousay
The fire of the #indianpaintbrush burns strong in the hearts of #Wyomingites all #summer long .

Tonia Dousay lives in Laramie, WY by way of Livingston, TX. She is a faculty member in Instructional Technology at the University of Wyoming and loves teaching classes on multimedia design and making/hacking. When not on campus, Tonia is a gamer who escapes virtual reality by finding solace in the beautiful trails and forests of Wyoming, from Grand Teton National Park to Medicine Bow National Forest and everything in between.


Credit David Englert
Red Canyon


Credit Krissy Borcher

Krissy Borcher lives in Moorcroft, Wyoming. She was born and raised in Newcastle, Wy.  She's proud to say she has been a Wyoming resident her entire life.  Krissy loves anything outdoors, hunting, elk, and taking pictures.  



Credit Krissy Borcher
Think Big

KrissyBorcher lives in Moorcroft, Wyoming. She was born and raised in Newcastle, Wy.  She's proud to say she has been a Wyoming resident her entire life.  Krissy loves anything outdoors, hunting, elk, and taking pictures. 


Credit Aaron Kraft
Cowboy running up cattle on a cool May morning in the shadow of the Wind River Mountains

Aaron Kraft is an architectural and editorial photographer based out of his native Teton County, Wyoming.  Aaron relies heavily on the lifestyle and the natural scenes of western Wyoming to influence both his professional and personal work.  He will, however, jump at the chance to cram himself into overly packed chicken buses, rickshaws, beamos, and jeepneys around the world to help keep a fresh perspective on the beautiful place he calls home.  Please visit www.kraftyphotos.com to see more of his work.  


Credit Kelly Petersen
Flying High

Kelly Petersen has lived in Laramie, WY for almost 7 years. Kelly and her husband were at Lake Hattie hiking around with their 1 1/2 year old, Brooke, on a beautiful summer day when she snapped this picture. She loves to bike, hike, ice fish, ski and take pictures! Kelly says she is a total amateur but loves to take tons of picture and sometimes a good one turns out like this one! Kelly tries to be outside as much as possible. One of her favorite quotes is "in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" -John Muir 


Credit Albert Kalbfleisch
Seamstress of Fort Laramie

Al Kalbfleisch worked for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and Textron Lycoming and operated a Commercial/Industrial Photo Studio during an economic downturn. He became the "go-to" head shot guy for the other "commercial photographers" in town.  Peoples' faces were every bit as much fun to photograph, as a classic wine.

While being confronted with the prospect of retirement, Mary and Al toured the West and, in spite of the wind, decided to be part of the Wyoming Community and "give back", because they had received so much. They have been part of the Casper Music, Art and College scene, volunteered at the National Trail Center, from its opening, The NIC and Make-A-Wish Foundation.



Credit Krissy Borcher

Krissy Borcher lives in Moorcroft, Wyoming. She was born and raised in Newcastle, Wy.  She's proud to say she has been a Wyoming resident her entire life.  Krissy loves anything outdoors, hunting, elk, and taking pictures. 


Credit Beau Johnston
Just Taking in the Views

Beau Johnston is an engineer, writer, and photographer that is passionate about the outdoors and outdoor lifestyle.  Beau, his wife Krista, and two dogs can be found most weekends traveling, camping, and fly fishing.  He feels many have lost their sense of adventure and are disconnected from nature and from each other.  By documenting travel through photography and writing he strives to compel others to experience new cultures and the world around them.



Credit Dan Hayward
Two True Spanish Mustangs in the Pre-Dawn Twilight on the Cayuse Ranch where captive breeding began in the 40's to save the Spanish Mustang (Indian Pony) from extinction.

Photography has been Dan Hayward’s life and profession for over 37 years.  His career begin in Denver in commercial and fine art photography, but he moved to Laramie 20 years ago where he received his Masters Degree in Communications and Mass Media.  After the move to Wyoming, he shifted his emphasis to documenting the natural environment through both aerial and ground-based photographs. 

He was first introduced to Spanish Mustangs (the Indian Pony of the American West) in 2011 and these fascinating horses, their story and the stories of how this ancient type of horse has been saved from extinction by a handful of ranchers, have been a passion and love ever since.

Here, two inquisitive Spanish Mustangs check out who I am, in the pre-dawn twilight on the Cayuse Ranch just west of Devil's Tower, where captive breeding began in the 40's to save the Spanish Mustang from extinction. You can go to Haywardphoto.com to see more Spanish Mustangs photos and many of my others photo collections.


Credit Robin Riesland
Plow in the Sunset

Robin Riesland lives on a ranch in Newcastle, Wyoming. Living and working on the ranch gives Robin a lot of opportunities to take pictures of the abundant wildlife and beautiful sunrises and sunsets, along with the domestic animals. Robin loves taking pictures, riding horses, 4 wheelers, shooting and being outdoors. Robin also loves spending time their kids and grandkids