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The Grand Teton Music Festival Returns For Its 60th Season

A crowd watches The Grand Teton Music Festival outside
Cody Downard

The Grand Teton Music Festival is underway and it's celebrating its 60th season. Over seven weeks each summer, the Grand Teton Music Festival unites more than 200 celebrated orchestral musicians led by music director Donald Runnicles.

The Grand Teton Music Festival (GTMF) is one of America's leading summer classical music festivals and they are running until August 21.

Emma Kail, the executive director of the Grand Teton Music Festival said that it kicked off with outdoor concerts and then returned to reduced capacity indoor performances at Walk Festival Hall.

"Beyond the concert hall, I'm really excited about a new program that we're calling 'GTMF on the road' where we're taking ensembles into different parks and areas where people are gathered and they're all outdoor concerts, free and are geared for families," said Kail.

She added that there will also be a program in collaboration with Teton Music School and Jackson Hole Public Art where kids will be able to show up and do a craft project of creating instruments out of trash. They will also be able to participate in a short concert with musicians.

While not having a season last year due to the pandemic, Kail said GTMF took on a renovation project with their ventilation system.

"What we did was upgrade the system so it's a state-of-the-art system where air is being filtered and going through UV rays which is great for not only COVID but it's great in general because it's an older building and we just of course want to keep everyone as healthy as possible," Kail said.

The AtmosAir Solutions Bi-Polar Ionization Technologywas installed at the Walk Festival Hall. Kail added that 98 percent of their musicians are vaccinated and those who aren't are taking the Summer off.

For a full schedule on the programs can be found on their website.

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