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Griffin Dunne: Reflections On His Father, Dominick

Dominick Dunne (right) attended the premiere of his son Griffin's film <em><em>Fierce Pe</em>ople</em> in 2007.
Dominick Dunne (right) attended the premiere of his son Griffin's film Fierce People in 2007.

When journalist and novelist Dominick Dunne died in August at age 83, he left behind a body of writing that brought together crime, celebrity, Hollywood and personal tragedy. His son Griffin Dunne joins Fresh Air host Terry Gross to share memories and discuss the work of his late father.

Dominick Dunne became famous for covering the lives and trials of celebrities, but he began his career in crime writing after attending the trial of the man who killed his daughter, Dominique. Dominick Dunne wrote several books, produced films for Hollywood, and was a special correspondent for Vanity Fair for 25 years. His final novel, Too Much Money, has been published posthumously. It's about a famous author who writes about his friends and acquaintances in Hollywood.

Griffin Dunne starred in the movies An American Werewolf in London, After Hours, and Quiz Show, and has made numerous appearances in other films and TV shows. He has also worked as a director (Fierce People, Famous, and The Accidental Husband) and producer (Fierce People, Running on Empty and After Hours). He is currently adapting the Meg Wolitzer novel The Position for HBO.

This interview was originally broadcast on December 15, 2009.

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