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Eric Levin, co-owner of independent music store Criminal Records.
Eric Levin, co-owner of independent music store Criminal Records.

In a quest for music that is not typically heard on the airwaves, All Things Considered is quizzing people around the country about what sort of music they've got in their CD players, tape decks and computers.

First up in the continuing series is Eric Levin, owner of Criminal Records, an independent music store in Atlanta. Levin's three selections include two tunes and one cut from a comedy CD.

He quickly offers up "Favorite Girl" by singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur, from the CD Redemption's Son. This is Arthur's third release.

A second choice is "Talk to Me, Dance with Me," by The Hot Hot Heat, from Make Up The Breakdown -- the second album by the rock group from Victoria, B.C.

Levin's final pick is from comic David Cross's live recording Shut Up You F**king Baby. Cross is formerly of the HBO program Mr. Show.

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