alcohol consumption

A survey of Wyoming teens finds that their use of alcohol and cigarettes is declining.

The 2014 Prevention Needs Assessment student survey provides detailed state, county, and school district data on self-reported substance use and participation in problem behaviors among Wyoming youth.

The survey was conducted for the Wyoming Department of Health by UW’s Survey and Analysis Center. Researcher Eric Canen says the information is notable. 

For years some in Fremont County have been concerned about the populations rate of alcohol consumption.  In most categories the county ranks at or higher than most counties in the state in areas of concern such as alcohol related arrests or binge drinking.  The county is tops in the state in alcohol related crashes and ranks a solid fifth in alcohol related crimes.   Over the years community leaders in Riverton have periodically tried to address some of these problems.  Since spring a new effort is under way.  Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck has more.