Solar-Powered Plane Breaks World Record

Jul 3, 2015

Solar Impulse 2 just before landing in Hawaii.
Credit Solar Impulse /

A small, lightweight aircraft landed in Hawaii today, setting a new record for the world’s longest solo flight in a solar-powered plane. 

After spending 118 hours in the air, Swiss Pilot Andre Borschberg landed on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, ending the longest leg of a planned trip around the world. The Solar Impulse 2 took off from Abu Dhabi in March but was delayed in China and then Japan due to bad weather. At the end of June, Borschberg finally got the green light. He took off from Japan and landed in Hawaii five days later.   

Solar Impulse organizers say the plane is not necessarily intended to demonstrate the future of aviation but to showcase solar power.

Borschberg’s partner, Bertrand Piccard will now take over for the next leg from Hawaii to Phoenix, Arizona.