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The Highway 287 Ramble

Personal Backstory

Bob Moore aka DrRobert is a native of Laramie, but who had an eclectic and cosmopolitan upbringing around the country. Returning permanently to their hometown in 1994, he has enjoyed a life both in construction and barbeque businesses. An art gallery, custom table, and door crafting, scratching a washboard in a local band, and work at Wyoming Sounds now occupies his time.

Wyoming Sounds Backstory

Big Hollow Blues and The Hwy287Ramble are programs developed and brought to Wyoming Sounds from time spent on weekly broadcasts at a Laramie community radio station from 2003-2016. The opportunity of presenting both to a broader audience came when DrRobert was welcomed to the launch of Wyoming Sounds in 2016. Our weekend audience is exposed to the Blues coming from those who experienced human bondage and second-class citizenry, creating artistry from their hearts and souls. Big Hollow Blues is found every Saturday evening from 5-8 pm. The Ramble is also a three-hour program that airs from 4-7 pm every Sunday; its focus is American music from its roots in mid-20th century America and the evolution in sound and structure from all parts of the country. The first hour of the show is now featured on the Wyoming Public Radio main channel at 1 pm.

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