Ucross Receives NEA Grant For Latinx Artists And Writers

Feb 9, 2021

Credit Catherine Wheeler

The Ucross Foundation has received an $11,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. This is the second NEA grant Ucross has received in as many years.

Ucross Development Director William Belcher said the grant funding will specifically go towards opportunities for Latinx artists and writers.

"It will help us boost our outreach to the Latinx artist community, particularly through the High Plains and Mountain West region," he said. "Then it will help us fund residencies for writers selected."

After creating a fellowship for Native American artists a few years ago, the foundation saw another gap in its residency applicant pool, Belcher said.

"We get about 800 applicants a year and we keep an eye on who is applying and where they are applying from, both geographically and by discipline and also by background," he said.

Belcher said while the NEA funding is for 2021, efforts like this will continue to be a focus for Ucross as it looks to boost its outreach to more artists.

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