House committee approved bill to allow concealed firearms into government meetings

Jan 28, 2013


Legislators have voted to advance two bills relating to guns in government meetings.

One that would allow people to carry concealed weapons into government meetings passed unanimously, after the committee agreed to strike a provision that would have required permission of the meeting’s presiding officer.

Former gun shop owner Maury Jones of Jackson Hole says concealed guns make government meetings safer.

“Good people with concealed carry permits are as good as cops,” Maury says. “You know, these people hare vetted pretty well before they become a policeman, they’ve got to have a clean record and everything else. Our concealed carry permit holders in Wyoming are also the same.”

The committee also approved a bill adding courtrooms to the list of places, like mental hospitals and jails, where deadly weapons – open or concealed – are prohibited.

Both bills head to the House floor for further debate.