February 3rd, 2017

Credit Stephanie Joyce

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Wyoming Republicans Help Kill Obama Regulations

This week Congress unleashed an assault on Obama-era regulations – and Wyoming lawmakers played a big role in the effort. Congressional Correspondent Matt Laslo has the story from Washington on the new effort that’s angering the environmental community.


New Trump Administration Could Spell Big Changes For Energy Industry

From cabinet picks to environmental regulations, there has been a lot of energy news in the first few weeks of the Trump Administration. Inside Energy reporter Leigh Paterson joined Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard from Denver to talk about some of the changes happening in Washington and how they could affect the West.

Climate Change Revealing Archaeological Finds

Climate change is revealing Wyoming artifacts hidden by ice for 10,000 years. Scientists are flocking to the melting snow and ice fields…and the world is watching. Penny Preston reports.


Is Climate Change Pushing Pikas Up The Mountain?


There aren’t many critters crazy enough to live year round on mountaintops. So any that DO live there have got to be tough. Like the American pika, an adorable little round-eared—and noisy—animal that lives in the rocks at the highest elevations. But are pikas tough enough to survive a warming planet? Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards talked with University of Wyoming researcher Embere Hall who’s trying answer that question.


After The Women's March, Wyomingites Vow To March On With Greater Political Involvement

After President Donald Trump was inaugurated, marches and protests were held in cities around the world – and in six communities around Wyoming, including Cheyenne, Casper, Rock Springs, Cody, Lander, and Pinedale. Thousands of Wyomingites came out for the marches, and now, many of them are asking themselves “what comes next?” Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard reports.


Senator Simpson Working To Reverse Citizens United

Since the 2010 Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, an unprecedented amount of money is being spent in elections, sometimes anonymously. One cross-partisan organization, American Promise, is leading an effort to add a 28th amendment to the Constitution to overturn the decision. Former U.S. Senator Al Simpson sits on the organization’s board. He told Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen most Americans would like to see reasonable limits on election spending.


Is Out-Of-School Suspension Out Of Date?

Out-of-school suspension is increasingly seen as a contributing factor to poor academic outcomes. Students get sent home and get behind in their school work, and some never catch up. In response, schools across the nation, including several in Wyoming, have created alternatives. One of them is the Albany County Expelled and Suspended Program, mostly commonly referred to as ACES. 

Activist And Comedian Franchesca Ramsey On Social Justice And Social Media

The University of Wyoming MLK Days of Dialogue wrap up this weekend. The event’s keynote speaker was Franchesca Ramsey, a comedian, actress, and activist who hosts the MTV News web series Decoded, which talks about race, pop culture, and other quote “uncomfortable things.” She joined me to discuss how she has carved out her own role in the entertainment and activist communities.